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Friday, November 26, 2010

pokok, daun dan angin....

Leaf's departure wasn't because of Wind's pursuit or Tree didn't ask her to stay.
Leaf's departure was because she needed an excuse to find the world of her own.

Wind- comes and goes freely. It may be a strong gust of wind that carries leaf away from tree but how long can wind carry her along his journey?

Leaf was carried away by wind but was also left alone by wind.

Without wind's pursuit or without tree asking her to stay, one day, leaf will also detach herself from tree. Not because of wind, but because she wants to grow into something more...

***The ending of the story of tree, leaf and wind is up to us...***

Friday, November 19, 2010

My own life???

Another day begin at new place. Today I am feeling better. Last night, I have a dream. A bad dream. I was so sad. Hmmm...I am give up now. I can't choose or decide my own life.  Being the single daughter is not a good thing for me like people always think, I AM SO LUCKY..huh??! I can't make my own decision. I am really tired with my own life. I can't predict or guess my future. Yes, everyone can't predict the future. I meant, I even can't see the path. Which way that I might go....